Google+ Retouching Community

Google+ Retouching Community
If you’re on Google+ and reading this blog, you’ll probably want to become a member of the Google+ Retouching Community!

There didn’t seem to be a great deal around in terms of commercial retouching news, articles and discussion, so for photographers and retouchers of all levels we now now have a home on Google+. Click here to view and join us.



  1. says

    I took the liberty of redistributing your content on my blogger and on my deviantart blog, I hope that’s ok- I included a link back to your website. Great idea with the community and thank you!
    *your work is simply brilliant

  2. says

    I’ve only had the pleasure of being on your site for but a few minutes, but i can already tell, there is a goldmine of knowledge here, waiting to be digested, and for that i sincerely thank you. i will be attempting to join your G+ retouching community as soon as i post this comment. thanks again.

  3. Manaj Bisht says

    This is good community of Photo Retouching on G+. The hair looks and skin brightness is perfect according to retouching technique. Will you suggest me for red eye removal from original photograph? I am working as a Photo retoucher in Digi5Media.

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