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Daniel Meadows is a British freelance retoucher with nine years of experience in digital retouching and has worked with award winning photographers and major fashion and cosmetics brands such as Chanel, L’Oreal Paris, Elle Magazine and Harper’s Bazaar. Daniel uses high end retouching techniques to achieve a subtle perfection without relying on common ‘blurring’ skin retouching methods which destroy pore-detail and clarity; strictly using non-destructive retouching techniques that look perfect at any resolution.


Please feel free to view the retouching portfolio section for examples of retouched images.

Daniel Meadows

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paris flood library books

Paris Flood in 1910, Photographs

Anyone who follows me on Twitter knows I love history, so when I find one of those extraordinary moments in time captured beautifully in photography I get excited about it. The shot above shows library books carried through the streets of Paris after the flood of the River Seine in 1910. More shots follow;

Google+ Retouching Community

Google+ Retouching Community

If you’re on Google+ and reading this blog, you’ll probably want to become a member of the Google+ Retouching Community! There didn’t seem to be a great deal around in terms of commercial retouching news, articles and discussion, so for photographers and retouchers of all levels we now now have a home on Google+. Click […]


“Save the Future” Climate Week T-Shirt 2012 for EJF

  Hi all, last weekend I was asked to contribute to some of the shots for designer Katharine Hamnett’s Climate Week t-shirt for 2012, so I wanted to let you know a little bit about what’s happening with that. I’ve had little chance to blog much recently but it seemed a worthy cause to get […]